Gay Brewer 1967 Masters champion.
Gay Brewer signature fairway wood. $100
Gay Brewer signature putter.
Mark Brooks: 1979-81 Texas State Amateur champion. 1996 PGA champion. For left photo go to:
David Brown: 1886 British Open champion.
Pete Brown: 1970 Andy Williams Open winner.
Johnny Bulla: 1941 LA Open champion. Golf course designer.
A Johnny Bulla signature faiway wood.
A Johnny Bulla signature putter.

Johnny Bulla mallet putter with black pyratone shaft $100. 

Billy Burke: (1902-1972). 1931 US Open champion.
Burke cleekmark woodshafted putter.
Burke SAV-A-SHOT wedge w/brown pyratone shaft $25 or go to
Burke SAV-A-SHOT mallet putter.
Jack Burke Jr.
Jack Burke Jr.: 1956 Masters and PGA champion. He won 15 PGA tour events.
Jack Burke Jr. signature wood.
Jack Burke Jr. signature putter.
Jack Burke autographed card.
Walter Burkemo: 1953 PGA champion. Bromford golf ball.
A Walter Burkemo signature putter.
Richard Burton: (1907-1974). 1939 British Open champion.
President H.W. Bush: 41st president of the US, and presidents cup captian.
Mark Calcavecchia: 1988 Australian Open champion. 1997 Sarazen World champion. DUBLIN, Ohio, Sept. 27---TRAPPED BUT TIED---Mark Calcavecchia watches as the ball leaves the trap on the first hole of Sunday's singles matches in the Ryder Cup at Muirfield Village Golf Club. His shot went past the hole but he tied the hole with his European opponent, Nick Faldo. 1987. AP photo $10.
Bill Campbell: 1964 US Amateur champion.
Older LA Glen Campbell Open @ Rivera CC. Bob Hope 1998 golf ball.
 Glen Campbell LA Open ticket and autographed golf ball: TV singer and actor.
Glen Campbell, singer and golfer, decanter.
Dorothy Campbell Hurd Howe: (1883-1946). 1964 US Amateur champion.
Joe Campbell: He won 3 PGA tour events.
Jose Maria Canizares: 1981 Italian Open champion. Autographed at the Toshiba Classic, Newport Beach CC, Newport Beach, California
Donna Caponi: 1969 and 1970 US Open champion. 1980 Dinah Shore champion. For photo go to:
1969-70 Womens US Open badges.
Joe Carr: 1954-57-63-64-65 Irish Amateur champion. 1946-50-54-56 Irish Open Amateur champion. 1953-58-60 British Amateur champion.
 President Jimmy Carter signature golf ball.
Billy Casper:
Billy Casper: 1959-1966 US Open champion. In 1966, he defeated Arnold Palmer in a Monday 18-hole playoff. 1970 Masters champion.
Billy Casper: 1966 US Open badge, 1970 Master badge.
Billy Casper signature wood.
Billy Casper signature WILSON sandwedge 1970s $25 or for 1000s of wedges go to

Challenger golf ball 

Billy Casper putter.
Bob Charles: 1954-66-70-73-78 New Zealand Open champion. 1963 British Open champion. 1968 Canadian Open champion. 1969 World Match Play champion. Autographed Bob Charles book at the Valencia CC, Valencia, California 2002 18th hole. AP photo Billy Casper: GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. June 28---TOP SENIOR GOLFER---Billy Casper uses a little body english to coax a birdie putt in the hole at the 16th green in the Great Grand Rapids Open. Casper shot 64 in the final round to win the tournament on Sunday, with a 13 under par score. 1987. photo $10. Autographed golf book at Valencia CC, Valencia, California 2004.
Bob Charles left-handed fairway wood.
Autographed Bob Charles golf ball.
K. J. Choi signed photo. Photo was taken at the 14th hole Augusta National Golf Club 2003. C. Choi autographed golf ball.
Darren Clarke deafeats Andrew Magee in the inaugural 1999 World Match Play @ La Costa, California. The COLONIAL golf ball.
Dimpled Colonel golf ball.
Charles Coe: 1949-58 US Amateur champion.
Jim Colbert: He won 6 PGA tour events and some Senior tour events. Photo was signed at the Newport CC, Newport Beach, California 2002.
Glenna Collett Vare 7th hole Pebble CC, Pebble Beach, California. Original museum photo $250. Reprint 8x10 $30. Poster 16x20 $75.
Glenna Collett 1923 statue.
Glenna Collett Vare: (1903-1989). 1922-25-28-29-30-35 US Womens Open champion. 1923-24 Canadian Womens Amateur champion. Gene Sarazen said: "she had the best ladies golf swing that I have ever seen." A museum stamped photo 8x10 $45.
Archie Compston: (1893-1963). 1925-27 British Professional Matchplay champion.
A signature Archie Compston TEARDROP face putter with pyratone brown shaft.
Robert Condie: (1863-1923). Early clubmaker reown for his woodshafted clubs. White Flyer, 1906, by Craig Park. Putter $175.
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