Larry Hinson: 1969 New Orleans Open champion.
Simon Hobday: 1971 South African Open champion. 1976 German Open champion. 1976-77 Rhodesian Open champion. 1994 US Senior Open champion.
Scott Hoch: 1980 Quad Cities Open champion. He is noted for missing a 2 foot downill putt (or 3 putting from below the hole from 15 feet) at the 1989 Masters in a playoff with Nick Faldo. Faldo went on to birdie the next hole for the win. An AP signed photo. Scott Hoch is most noted for missing a 2 foot downhill putt to win the 1990 Masters in a sudden death playoff against Nick Faldo. Faldo would birdie the next hole to win.
Ben Hogan: (1912-1977). GRAND SLAM WINNER: 1942-48-50-51-53 US Open champion. 1946-48 PGA champion. 1951-53 Master champion. 1953 British Open champion. He is known for his excellent balll striking. Ben Hogan magazine $65.
Ben Hogan
Ben Hogan 1950 US Open 1-iron @ the USGA museum
Ben Hogan
1951 Masters ticket & Hogan beat Hogan medal.
Ben Hogan golf balls.
Ben Hogan percimmon signature wood.
Ben Hogan WHITE CAMEO (also came in BLACK) world famous 1-iron.
A signature Ben Hogan putter w/pyratone shaft.
Autographed Ben Hogan Power Golf Book.
1951 US OPEN Ben Hogan @ Merion 72nd hole 1-iron to win. $55
Bob Hope: TV actor and military entertainer, born in England and became an American citizen. Hall of Famer. He found the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic and still is the only celebrity who lends his name to a PGA tour event. In the past, there was the Bing Cross Pro/Am, Los Angeles Glen Campbell Open, the San Diego Open, etc. etc. For photo on the right: Bob Hope go to www.historicgolfphotos.com
1973 and 1998 Bob Hope Desert Classic golf balls.
Bob Hope 40th (1999) golf ball box $20. Bob Hope golf ball 40th $35.
Bob Hope signature golf ball from his private collection $75. Generic 2000+ Bob Hope Desert Classic golf ball $10.
Bob Hope book and 1980 Bob Hope Desert Classic Ball signed by Bob Hope January 17, 1980.
Signed by Bob Hope: "THANKS FOR THE MEMORY."
Signed "THANKS FOR THE MEMORY," by Bob Hope. Words and Music by leo Robin and Ralph Rainger. Music sheet. $2500
A signature 1977 Bob Hope signature Bob Hope Desert Classic putter. $125
Miriam Horn: 1927 US Womens Amateur champion. Miram Horn, 1923, watching Walter Hagen tee off $45.
Tommy Horton: 1970 South African champion. 1970 British Professional Matchplay champion.
Pat Hurst: 1990 Womens Amateur champion. 1998 Dinah Shore champion. 2004 Womens US Open champion.
Horace Hutchison: (1859-1932). 1886-87 British Amateur champion. A 1920 Wonder Ball.
Jock Hutchison: 1920 PGA champion. 1921 British Open champion.
Jock Hutchison 1930s signature driver.
A lot of woodshafted DEEP GROVE Hutchison clubs.
Jock Hutchison woodshafted signature putter.
Trevor Immelman: 1998 US Public Links champion. 2008 Masters champion.
Juli Inkster: 1980-81-82 US Womens Amateur champion. 1984-89 Dinah Shore champion. 1999-2002 Womens US Open champion.
Juli Inkster autographed golf ball $50.
1999-2002 Womens US Open tickets.
1990 US Open championship ticket, winner: Hale Irwin.
Hale Irwin signature & autographed golf balls.
1979 US Open badge and ticket: winner, Hale Irwin.
1990 US Open championship ticket @ Medinah, winner: Hale Irwin
Hale Irwin: 1974-79-90 US Open champion. World Match Play champion 1974-75. AP photo $10: PEBBLE BEACH, CALIFORNIA, Feb 6---IRWIN GETS TROPHY---Twice U.S. Open champion Hale Irwin receives the Crosby Pro/Am trophy from Nathaniel Crosby Sunday after winning the 43rd annual event on second hole of sudden-death playoff at Pebble Beach. Irwin tied with Canadian Jim Nelford at 278 after 72 holes, then beat him with a birdie in sudden death.
Tony Jacklin: 1967 British Dunlop Masters champion. 1969 British Open champion. 1970 US Open champion.
 Tony Jacklin SI.
Tony Jacklin signature putter
Tony Jacklin signature putter used by him in the Open championship
Tony Jacklin putter used by him in the British Open.
 Tom Jackson signature golf ball: course architect. Samual Jackson autographed golf ball $25.
John Jacobs: 1957 Dutch Open champion. Author.
Tommy Jacobs: He won 4 tour events. Currently on the senior tour. Photo on left: www.historicgolfphotos.com
Tommy Jacobs signature putter.
Peter Jacobsen: 2004 US Senior Open. Signed Peter Jacobson AP photo: BROOKLINE, Mass., June 19---SUPER ROUND---Peter Jacobson, Doral, Fla., watgches his drive from the 5th tee Sunday during the final round of the U.S. Open In Brookline, Mass. Jacobson set a new course record for tournament play at the Country Club and tied the record for the most nonsecutive three's is U.S. Open play. 1988. AP photo right $10: CASTLE ROCK, Color., Aug 15---AWKWARD STANCE---Golfer Peter Jacobsen, of Portland, Ore. kneels on one leg as he blasts from a fairway bunker on the 6th hole during Saturday's round in the International Golf Tournament at Castle Pine CC. 1987.
 Peter Jacobsen autographed golf ball.
Peter Jacobson"s autographed book: "Buried Lies," from the Reverend Tom S. Hawley book collection.
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